The Democratic Society are excited to be the lead on the Civic Participation strand of the UK Governments commitments for the 2016 National Action Plan developed as part of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).


As a member of the global OGP, every two years the government and civil society create a new ‘National Action Plan’, setting out specific, measurable and time bound commitments to open government reforms. Progress against these commitments will be reviewed by civil society and the Independent Reporting Mechanism of the OGP.


We at the Democratic Society believe that open government is a fundamental unpinning of democracy; transparency and scrutiny allows citizens to hold governments to account; open data and greater information creates conditions under which more citizens may be better informed; and there are many opportunities for government to be better at listening to and engaging with citizens.


While in previous years the National Action Plan has been developed as a single document, this year the decision was made to publish commitments in a rolling fashion. The first version was published in May 2016, to align with the Anti-Corruption summit, and we expect additional commitments to emerge in December 2016, ahead of the OGP summit in France.


We are currently working on developing commitments relating to consultation and policy making in the open, so please do get in touch with us (mailto: if you are interested in these.


We also have wider links with the Open Government Partnership, alongside this role, with Michelle Brook- Demsoc’s Director of Strategy and Development- being recently elected to the OGP steering committee.


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