This project was funded by the European Commission’s department for Communications Networks, Content & Technology (DG CONNECT). It involved researching current and developing trends in digital technology over the coming decades, and assessing what questions they are likely to raise for the functioning of democracy and the operation of inequalities in our society. It also involved assessing how the EU should respond to these trends.

On this work, we were a project partner for D21, who are a social enterprise whose primary mission is to strengthen democracy through more informed and effective decision-making worldwide. Together we created a written analytical report for DG CONNECT that was informed by participants in workshops, dialogue with experts, and literature reviews.

The three key themes we looked at in this report were:

  1. The future of work
  2. Democracy and participation
  3. Digital rights and responsibilities

The report is not currently public, but we hope to be able to share it here in the future.

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