Foundations for Democracy With Democracy Box

Democracy & Citizenship Teaching for the 21st Century

On 9th November 2020, Public Square organised an event in partnership with Democracy Box, a Wales-based research and development project working to improve the way we educate the public about democracy in the UK.

We heard from young people and invited them to share their experiences of the state of democratic and citizenship education. Participants were invited to share their perspectives on Democracy Box's plans so far, and what could or should be included in a future curriculum on democracy and citizenship. A broad range of individuals and organisations took part, including representatives from BBC Wales, the Electoral Commission, Democracy CLub, the Parliament Project and the Welsh Government.

Several highlighted the importance of the format and messenger being just as important as the content, and there were many ideas which will inform how Democracy Box and Public Square seek to engage with young and disengaged people.

Stay tuned in 2021 for more on Democracy Box...

Young people talk about their experiences in the project

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