Change of postal address

Here’s an exciting post for a Monday. As of today, if you want to write us non-electronically, you should send your correspondence to: The Democratic Society, First Floor, Universal House, 251/6 Tottenham Court Road, London. W1T 0AB. We’ll still be roving all over the place, but at least our post will be easy to get […]

Keeping on talking

Thanks to everyone who read and commented here and on Facebook during the election campaign. We tried to do our bit to talk about policy issues rather than the leaders’ personalities, or their wives’ toes. Now, under the new coalition Government, discussion and compromise on issues will, we hope, come right to the fore. People […]

Welcome to Talk Issues

Welcome to the new Talk Issues site, where we hope to host a vibrant debate around the issues that really matter in the upcoming UK election. Whilst the politicians and the media sling mud at each other, we’ll get down and dirty with the real issues. The Digital Economy Bill. Health. Social welfare. Policing. Education. […]