Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats. The Lib Dems technically only date from 1988, but are the representative of one of Britain’s oldest traditions. For much of its history the Liberals, who predated the Lib Dems, were the predominant opposition to the Conservatives. The Liberals were surpassed by Labour in the early 1920s and then slowly collapsed as they […]

Christian Democrats (KD)

Christian Democrats (KD). The KD is the newest and smallest member of the centre-right bloc in Swedish politics. The party emerged from the 1960s struggle about the role of religion in Swedish schooling. Unlike Christian democratic parties elsewhere in Europe, the KD did not emerge from Catholic Social Teaching or even from the major religion […]

Centre Party (C)

Centre Party (C). The Centre Party is Sweden’s primary representative of the Nordic tradition of agrarian parties. Emerging from farmers’ movements in the late 19th century, Agrarian parties came to be a powerful feature of the Nordic party system due to their ‘hinge’ position at the centre of the political spectrum. Such parties combine support […]

Liberal People’s Party (FP)

Liberal People’s Party (FP). Often known just as the ‘People’s Party’ the FP is Sweden’s main liberal party. The party’s ideology is predominantly social liberal, advocating a strong welfare state but high personal freedom in most other regards. It is predominantly known for being particularly attached to globalisation, supporting, as it does, Sweden’s most pro-American, […]

Citizens – Party of the Citizenship (C’s)

Citizens – Party of the Citizenship (C’s). Citizens is a small party predominantly based in Catalonia. It is very similar to the UPyD, in that it primarily objects to Catalan nationalism, and has a left-liberal, secularist slant. Like the UPyD it is a fairly recent formation, founded in 2005. The party is quasi-identical ideologically to […]

Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)

Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD). The UPyD is the most recent entrant into Spanish national politics, being founded in 2007. The party originates in the Basque country, in anti-ETA organisations. Its key issue is opposition to nationalism, predominantly sub-state nationalism though it also has objections to Spanish nationalism. The party wishes to see Spain become […]

Coalition for Europe (CEU)

Coalition for Europe (CEU). The CEU is an electoral alliance of regionalist parties which forms for European elections. The alliance typically contains more centrist and centre-right regionalist parties and this year it contains: Convergence and Union (CiU), which is the dominant Catalan regionalist grouping. CiU has been the largest party in every election, in the […]

Positive Slovenia (PS)

Positive Slovenia (PS). PS was formed in 2011 by Zoran Jankovic, a millionaire businessman (he predominantly made his money in retail), who became mayor of the Slovene capital, Ljubljana, in 2006. Jankovic had been a controversial mayor. Popular for his major building programmes he was nevertheless accused of abusing his powers for corrupt purposes (allegedly […]

Civic List (DL)

Civic List (DL). Civic List is one of two parties which were formed just before the 2011 election and subsequently performed well in that election. Civic List was formed by Gregor Virant, and was initially named ‘Gregor Virant’s Civic List’. Virant had served as a senior civil servant under both centre-left and centre-right governments. He […]

Zares – Social Liberals

Zares – Social Liberals (‘zares’ is Slovene for ‘indeed’ but is usually left untranslated). Zares is the vehicle of Gregor Golobic. A former secretary-general of the LDS, Golobic had been a close advisor to long-time LDS Premier Drnovsek. Zares was formed, in essence as a split from the LDS’s more left-leaning wing. The party combines […]