Is there a point to politicians?

Chris Dillow argues Politicians are becoming meaningless people doing meaningless posturing. in the light of their inability to fix the problems of the Eurozone, or to reverse declining turnout at elections. Hopi Sen, in an unrelated post, points out that people’s interest in politics has remained relatively stable, but their propensity to vote, and their belief that […]

First Time Voters: Shaping Election 2.0?

“To tackle the challenges of tomorrow, young people need political capital today” Demos :: An Anatomy of Youth According to the Electoral Commission, 2005 saw a national turnout  at 61%, compared with 37% amongst 18- to- 24 year olds. However, some of the key issues that we used to blame this apathy on, our electoral […]

Is there an effective counter extremist strategy?

Image via Wikipedia In the age of terrorism and what Mr Clegg labelled in the first leaders’ debate ‘the murky world of politics’, it is remarkably difficult for those in power to lay our how they will counter extremist ideology, when the reasons why people are drawn to the fringes and believe in such radicalism […]