Bulgaria Without Censorship

Bulgaria Without Censorship. Bulgaria Without Censorship is one of Bulgaria’s newest and, perhaps, oddest parties. The party is the personal vehicle of Nikolay Barekov.Barekov was a former CEO and television host for the major TV channel TV7. In this role Barekov was known, even widely mocked, for his devotion to GERB. After Borisovresigned from the Prime Ministership, however, Barekovmade a total u-turn, declaring himself an enemy of […]

Alternative for Bulgarian Renaissance (ABV)

Alternative for Bulgarian Renaissance (ABV). ABV is the result of the fallout from internal BSP wrangling between former PM and current party leader, Sergei Stanishev, and former PM and President, Georgi Parvanov. Parvanov originally registered the ABV in 2010, but low public support led him to shelve it. In January 2014, with protests against the incumbent BSP-DPS government he reactivated the […]

Blue Coalition/Reformist Bloc

Blue Coalition/Reformist Bloc. When democracy first came to Bulgaria the BSP’s primary opponent was the Union of Democratic Forces (SDS), created from a coalition of dissident groups opposed to the Communist regime. Like many such groups the SDS was a broadly centre-right beast. It ruled from 1991 until 1994, and then from 1997 until 2001, where it managed […]

National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV)

National Movement for Stability and Progress (NDSV). Originally called the ‘National Movement Simeon II’, the NDSV was founded by former Tsar Simeon II (forced out of office in 1946 at the age of 9 by the Communists) in 2001. Simeon’s movement was initially very popular, winning exactly half the seats in parliament in 2001 and it formed […]

Attack Party (ATAKA)

Attack Party (ATAKA). To say that ATAKA’s name iscombative is clearly not an understatement. An extreme nationalist party, founded around the personality of former journalist, Volen Siderov, attack is an ultranationalist and racist party, which uses anti-semitic, anti-Roma and especially, anti-Muslim rhetoric. The party is fond of conspiracy theories, and claims that international forces (usually made up of some combination of […]

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS)

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS). Officially theDPS is a centrist, liberal party. In reality it is an ethnic Turkish party, representing the country’s sizeable (10% of the population) Turkish minority. Officially the Bulgarian constitution bans parties constituted on ethnic lines, but the constitutional court has agreed that the DPS is allowable, though parties such as ATAKA sometimes […]

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)

Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). The BSP is the legal successor of the Bulgarian Communist Party, effectively a re-foundation of the party dating from 1990. Like other parties in Bulgaria it has a reputation for corruption, something which isn’t helped by the fact that many of its former politicians came up through the corrupt practices and culture of the […]

Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria (GERB)

Citizens for the European Development of Bulgaria(GERB). GERB is the latest of Bulgaria’s centre-right competitors to the BSP. Broadly a liberal-conservative party, GERB is principally based around the personality of its leader, Boyko Borisov.Borisov, a former wrestler, the chairman of the Bulgarian Karate Federation, and currently Bulgarian professional football’s oldest player (he plays for second division VitoshaBistritsa as a Forward) Borisov has also […]

Bulgaria – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background Bulgaria is one of the newest EU countries, having joined in 2007. Bulgaria was one of the poorer and less developed communist states. Unusually, Bulgarians did not elect former dissidents but rather the Communist’s legal successor, the Bulgarian Socialist Party after the beginning of democracy, initially slowing progress towards capitalism and democracy, though Bulgaria was, […]