Cash for comments

John McCain’s presidential campaign has started a programme whereby supporters are rewarded with loyalty points for posting positive commentary on various blogs and political websites. The points can be redeemed for McCain merchandise and books. The current featured sites include both left-leaning blog Daily Kos, and the right-leaning Red State. This move is both depressing […]

The muddled democracy of the Lisbon referendum

I’ve already written here about the mixed messages that come out of the Irish referendum result – and the waters are muddied further by opinion polling (reported by Mark Mardell) that suggests almost three quarters of Irish voters saw the no vote as a the start of a negotiation rather than a final answer. Today, […]

Not different, just more

A post at Tree of Knowledge reports from the Personal Democracy Forum event in NYC, and confirms the impression I have got from the media coverage of the US elections: the general agreement at this conference is that while ICT has enabled political campaigners to implement a panoply of innovative campaign tactics and strategies, the impact […]