Denmark – the EU Parliamentary Elections: Borgen Edition

Denmark had originally been reticent to join the EU and had joined the competing European Free Trade Area, along with several other states including the UK. Denmark’s economy was, at this point, very linked to the UK’s and so when the UK changed track and decided to join the then EEC Denmark followed. When France’s […]

Czech Republic – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background The Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004, as part of the 10 country expansion of that year. An independent state since the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1992, the Czech Republic was one of the most economically successful cold war-era economies. The Czech Republic has been something of a success story since the […]

Croatia – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background Croatia is the newest EU member state, having joined on July 1st 2013. Croatia Is also one of Europe’s newest states, with it declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and its War of Independence ending only in 1995. Croatia was heavily involved in the notorious Yugoslav wars of the 1990s including both its […]

Bulgaria – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background Bulgaria is one of the newest EU countries, having joined in 2007. Bulgaria was one of the poorer and less developed communist states. Unusually, Bulgarians did not elect former dissidents but rather the Communist’s legal successor, the Bulgarian Socialist Party after the beginning of democracy, initially slowing progress towards capitalism and democracy, though Bulgaria was, […]

Austria – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background Austria joined the EU in 1995. While a capitalist democracy during the Cold War Austria had been bordered by Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, meaning the country maintained a strict policy of neutrality.  Austria quickly moved to join the EU after the fall of the Berlin wall and joined the Euro on its creation. […]

Europarl Hackathon for the European Elections 2014

On the 24-26 January 2014 Stefan and Xavier are holding a European Parliament hackathon supported by Citizen for Europe. This is an event where coders, graphists, activists and journalists can come together to collaborate on software projects that will help citizens to access and connect in new ways with politics in Europe. Participants will lead the projects, deciding what they […]