Lunchtime list for May 31st

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Peak State and The Valley of Nobody Knows – Adil Abrar from Sidekick Studios has joined the blogging team at The Big Society, and his first post is an interesting meditation on the similarities between energy policy and Big Society: both have […]

Lunchtime list for May 27th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: A right turn for the Dutch? – The collapse of the Dutch grand coalition of left and right looks like delivering a majority to centre-right parties at the election on 9 June. Murdoch has to become an elitist – John Gapper in […]

Lunchtime list for May 26th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: The collapse of the euro would open the door to democracy – Lots of euro stuff recently, much from a technical perspective, so here's a counterbalance in a traditional UK-Eurosceptic article from Simon Heffer. His thesis: that the end of the Euro, […]

First Time Voters: Shaping Election 2.0?

“To tackle the challenges of tomorrow, young people need political capital today” Demos :: An Anatomy of Youth According to the Electoral Commission, 2005 saw a national turnout  at 61%, compared with 37% amongst 18- to- 24 year olds. However, some of the key issues that we used to blame this apathy on, our electoral […]

Bright road ahead for transport?

Despite the vast majority of us using transport of one form or another everyday it has not really been on the radar in the build-up to the election. All three main parties have committed to maintaining some kind of transport infrastructure fund. Labour say they will fund £1bn of this with asset sales, the Tories […]

We need an informed discussion on our voting system

Whatever the outcome on 6th May it looks like electoral reform will be a major issue in the next few years. In fact there’s only one outcome – a working Conservative majority – under which it’s not immediately on the table and if the Liberals increase their vote significantly anyway it’s hard to see how […]

The perils of education targets

“Education, Education, Education” This was the mantra with which Tony Blair began his first term as Prime Minister, as Labour campaigned to bring classroom excellence to the top of their political agenda. But have Labour succeeded since election and three successive terms? There’s no doubting the level of money invested (doubling spending from £29bn in […]

Will voter apathy undermine Cameron’s “big society”?

Amid claims that Conservative strategists have doubts about the resonance of their “big society” theme Henry Irving – PhD student & post grad tutor at Leeds University – finds historical precedents that will both cheer and worry them: “Like his call for a ‘bonfire’ of quangos and depiction of Britain facing a choice between two […]

Last chance to register to vote!

Image via Wikipedia It’s been in the back of my mind since I moved house, but with sorting out the utilities, furniture, decorating and everything else registering to vote didn’t seem like a priority, but now here we are and the deadline to be allowed to vote in the upcoming general election is tomorrow. As […]