Better Place Forum: Initial Thoughts.

Demsoc and ERS Scotland recently organised and facilitated a forum entitled: ‘A Better Place: Communities, Citizens and Consumers & New Approaches to Social Policy & Public Services’. We are currently compiling a report based on the discussions at the forum, but in the meantime, you can read my initial thoughts over on the What Works […]

Where are the real regions?

Image via Wikipedia Interesting idea, this mapping exercise from MIT, showing the connexions between phone calls around Britain. Limited by the fact that only geographical landline numbers are covered, of course. For comparison, here’s an more economics-focused analysis of the real regional boundaries in the UK, commissioned a couple of years ago by the LGA. Related […]

The Talk Issues Thinktank Roundup

Welcome to this week’s Talk Issues ‘Thinktank Roundup’ – your one-stop review of all the best publications, research, commentary and events from leading UK think tanks. Not surprisingly in the week of the Queen’s speech various thinktanks responds to their fears & hopes from the government legislative programme for the next 18 months. Reports, Publications […]

Who will help NEETs and how?

Each quarter the DCSF publishes statistics on the amount of young people (16-24 year olds) not in education, employment or training, known in the media NEETs. Obviously reducing the percentage of young people in this bracket is an honourable aim (it is the most popular national indicator chosen by councils to attain) and one sought […]

Is the ‘Big Society’ a Big Issue?

The relationship between the state and the citizen crops up in many an issue. Today the Conservative party announced a Youth Citizen Service plan that would be “in the same spirit” as the old military national service, although voluntary. This idea forms part of the party’s wish to promote ‘The Big Society’. Is this alternative […]