“At home” or in the pub?

I spoke at a Whitehall seminar yesterday, organised by Friday and the Government Communications Network, alongside Ade. We heard some great examples of work on consulting online, and how Departments are trying different approaches – hopefully we’ll be able to share the slides in the next couple of days. One of the things that struck me […]

Open policy is a challenge to government consultations – and an opportunity

More than 40 years ago the American sociologist Sherry Arnstein developed the ‘ladder of participation’ to represent the degree of involvement by citizens in decision-making. Arnstein’s levels range from ‘non-participation’ at the bottom of the ladder – at worse, the manipulation of citizens – to ‘citizen power’ and true citizen control at the top. One of the challenges […]

If Social Justice™ were a breed of cat…

Oh, here’s a hideous survey. It invites you to tell the DWP what you think about Social Justice – the capital letters are clearly important. On the second (final) page of the survey you can opt in to hear more about Social Justice, although they’ve missed off the box where you can opt out from being not […]

Consultation: don’t do it like this (part 94)

The BBC is reporting that two schools in Peacehaven, near Brighton, are to merge despite 95% of responses to the consultation on the proposals being against. I’m assuming here that the consultation was a statutory box to tick, and that the decision had in practice been taken, and budgets set, rather than that the council joyously […]

Place Survey, we hardly knew ye

De mortuis nil nisi bonum, so as the Place Survey gets consigned to the dustbin of policy, it’s worth thinking about what we’re losing now it’s gone.

The Place Survey was designed to provide councils and residents with comparable information on their performance. Even if councils continue doing some sort of opinion polling (and I suspect most won’t) any results won’t now be able to be compared between different authorities.

Your Freedom: Government asks well, but can it answer well?

The Government today launched Your Freedom, a discussion site where people can make suggestions on civil liberties issues and legislation they want to see repealed. good site, but can Government live up to its rhetoric and answer as well as it asks?

Lunchtime list for June 10th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Balls’ EU immigration claims don’t stand up – Sarah Mulley at Left Foot Forward takes a look at the immigration stance of Labour leader candidate Ed Balls. Balls is conflating immigration with intra-EU migration, which has been pointed out elsewhere. She accuses […]