Alliance for Croatia.

Alliance for Croatia. The Alliance of Croatia is a new list formed of eight right-wing parties ranging from small but notable to negligible. The Alliance was formed very recently, on the 5th of February. The three most notable parties in the Alliance are the Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja, a regionalist and right-wing […]

Croatian Labourists – Labour Party (HL)

Croatian Labourists – Labour Party (HL). The Labour Party is a relatively new addition to the Croatian political scene. The party was created in 2010 by Dragutin Lesar, a Croatian People’s Party MP and former trade union leader. Lesar left the HNS in 2008 due to a conflict with the HNS leadership. Lesar has been […]

Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) & Allies

Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) & Allies. The SDP is the successor of the Croat section of the Yugoslav Communist Party, the League of Communists of Croatia. The SDP was the major opposition to the HDZ between 1990 and 1992 but fell onto increasingly hard times until 2000 when it assembled a coalition of […]

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Allies

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and Allies. For most of Croatia’s short history as an independent state it has been governed by the Croatian Democratic Union. The HDZ was Tudman’s party, originally a hard-right nationalist party founded by Croatian nationalist dissidents in 1989. For most of the 1990s the HDZ remained a rather authoritarian, nationalist party, […]

Croatia – the EU Parliamentary Elections.

Political Background Croatia is the newest EU member state, having joined on July 1st 2013. Croatia Is also one of Europe’s newest states, with it declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and its War of Independence ending only in 1995. Croatia was heavily involved in the notorious Yugoslav wars of the 1990s including both its […]