Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK)

Movement for Social Democracy (EDEK). Social Democracy has always been a weak ideology in Cyprus, eclipsed on the left by the strength of the Communist AKEL. EKEL was founded in in 1969 by the former Patriotic Front party MP Vassos Lyssarides. Lyssarides would serve as the EDEK leader until 2001.The party was initially linked to […]

The Democratic Party (DIKO)

The Democratic Party (DIKO) is the traditional party in Cyprus. The party was founded in 1976 by Spyros Kyprianou, who became the second President of Cyprus the next year, ruling until 1988. The party describes its ideology as ‘social centrism’. In wider European terms it is perhaps closest to social democracy, but given that one […]

Progressive Party of Working Party (AKEL)

Progressive Party of Working Party (AKEL). AKEL is Europe’s most electorally successful remaining Communist party. Founded in 1926 as the Communist Party of Cyprus, the party was banned by the British colonial authorities in 1931 and eventually re-founded under its current name. While AKEL has kept Communist rhetoric and iconography, (its logo is particularly Soviet-style), […]

Democratic Rally (DISY)

Democratic Rally (DISY).  The DISY is Cyprus’s main centre-right party, and the party of the current President, Nicos Anastasiades. A Christian Democratic and Conservative party, the rally was founded by Glafcos Clerides who temporarily served as acting President following the end of the coup before handing power back to the elected President Makarios. Clerides later […]