Media regulation: discussion event report

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been publishing a series of posts from contributors on the topic of media regulation and democracy. On 25 April, the contributors and others gathered at the RSA to discuss their pieces and the issues that were raised, and this is a rough record of the discussion. These are multiple […]

Lunchtime list for June 9th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Heffer on the EU: Nostradamus he ain’t – One of our own pieces on a hysterical prediction of the future by Simon Heffer, written in 2003. Find out about the gangs of armed EU police who will be roaming the streets attacking […]

Heffer on the EU: Nostradamus he ain’t

It’s always enjoyable to come across a hysterical prophecy that has been disproved by the passage of time. How much more enjoyable it is when the author is as self-righteous and opinionated as Simon Heffer. The prophecy in question comes from the Daily Mail in 2003. In an article entitled without irony, Europe: Who’s telling […]

Immigration: one lie each

The immigration issue is sure to make an appearance at tonight’s debate, which will be liveblogged here by Arun Marsh, and also tweeted (from @demsoc) by the same august personage. One of the least appealing parts of the immigration “debate”, at least as it’s handled in Britain, is that it’s based on two fundamental lies. […]

REVEALED: Media agree, it’s not about issues, it’s #nickcleggsfault

Showing the maturity that they are famous for, the press has launched a full-scale assault on Nick Clegg. It’s largely not about the issues but a range or other things including doing a bit of investigative journalism discovering Google can find them things they think will embarrass the Lib Dem leader. The Daily Mail accuse […]

Liberal Conspiracy: Handing immigration to the right

The Daily Mail asked if Nick Clegg was British enough: Image via Wikipedia Adam Ramsay has a good analysis on Liberal Conspiracy of how the right has hijacked immigration and some suggestions on how Labour can change the narrative. Adam has been canvassing council estates for the past two weeks and when he asks voters […]

Do Tory Central office write all this paper?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife As Nosemonkey has spotted, the Daily Mail‘s “Debate 2010” site is currently entirely devoted to attacking the LibDems. But what’s this – has the peasants’ revolt spread even to the hallowed right-wing halls of the Daily Mail comment box? Their plea for Britain not to sleepwalk into disaster has […]