Venstre – Liberal Party of Denmark

Venstre – Liberal Party of Denmark. Venstre is the Danish word for ‘left’. When Venstre was founded, in 1870, ‘left-wing’ was primarily identified with liberalism, and Venstre is now the lead party of the centre-right Blue Bloc in Denmark. Venstre was founded as an alliance of Nordic Agrarians and urban liberals. For most of the […]

Social Democrats

The Social Democrats have historically been Denmark’s dominant party, the largest party in Denmark’s Folketing between 1924 and 2001 and since then holding the Prime Ministership for the majority of the period since. Not quite as dominant as its close Swedish or Norwegian cousins the Danish Social Democrats have, nonetheless, demonstrated a large amount of […]

Socialist People’s Party (SF)

Socialist People’s Party (SF). SF was founded in 1956 by Aksel Larsen the leader of the Danish Communist Party. Larsen had objected to the Soviet invasion of Hungary and had founded SF as a party that was supposed to be between communism and social democracy. Larsen dubbed his ideology ‘Popular Socialism’. The party surpassed Larsen’s […]

Danish People’s Party (DF)

Danish People’s Party (DF). The DF is Denmark’s most notorious party. The DF’s genesis was in the Progress Party, founded in 1972 by Mogens Glistrup, a Danish lawyer who achieved huge popularity after appearing on television and demonstrating that he paid 0% tax. Glistrup’s party was initially a radically anti-tax and extreme economically liberal party […]

Conservative People’s Party.

Conservative People’s Party. The Conservatives were founded in 1915 as the successor of Højre (Right). The party’s youth wing, the Young Conservatives, which is believed to be the oldest political youth organisation in the world, having been founded in 1905. Originally the party was the primary antagonist to Venstre but as the Social Democrats arrived on the […]

People’s Movement Against the EU

People’s Movement Against the EU. The People’s Movement Against the EU is a unique feature of Danish EU politics. The movement is not a party as such; it does not run in any other elections and accepts members from all political parties. The movement was initially formed in 1972 as the opposition to Denmark joining […]

Radikale Venstre

Radikale Venstre. Radikale Venstre, literally translates as ‘the Radical Left’, though the party is usually translated into English as the ‘Social Liberal Party’ or the Radicals. As the name suggests the Radicals emerged as a splinter from Venstre in 1905. The party was a splinter from Venstre’s anti-militarist and more left-leaning wing. The party is a […]

The Liberal Alliance

The Liberal Alliance. The Liberal Alliance is the newest notable party in Denmark, and the first major new party in Denmark in a decade. The party was founded in 2007 under the leadership of Naser Khader, a former Radicals MP. Khader, the son of a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother was born in Damascus […]

Denmark – the EU Parliamentary Elections: Borgen Edition

Denmark had originally been reticent to join the EU and had joined the competing European Free Trade Area, along with several other states including the UK. Denmark’s economy was, at this point, very linked to the UK’s and so when the UK changed track and decided to join the then EEC Denmark followed. When France’s […]

A little bit of politics, Danish style

I happened to be in Denmark on election day last week, and was lucky enough to have some Danish friends to both show us around and talk politics. A few things struck me strongly from dipping my toe into Danish politics. Firstly, turnout – Deep in conversation about what polling day is like in Denmark (much like […]