DCLG Science Day – the record (from @richardharries)

I was really sorry to miss the DCLG Science Day (thwarted by a broken washing machine…) but I don’t feel so bad now that Richard Harries has published a Dropbox link containing all the materials and tweets from the day. It’s a great way of recording the output of an event and making it open.

Duty to involve, meh

Involve ask, “should the duty to involve be repealed?” it’s a tricky question, and a few people have chipped in with thoughts in the comments. Here’s what I want: local government that opens up to people not grudgingly, but willingly; a political landscape where politicians engage in conversations with the public as much as name-calling […]

Community Contracts: are they a route to disappointment?

The UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government has published a guidance document on creating local charters (also called community contracts). These are arrangements between local communities and public sector service providers, containing promises from both sides on service standards and tailored service provision. In other words, charters are deals between the state and its […]