Case Study: NHS Listening Exercise

The NHS listening exercise invited public comments on four broad themes. We worked with the NHS Future Forum to help gather and understand feedback on the changes to the health and care system, during the pause in the Health and Social Care Bill work. The digital bits of the listening exercise included formal consultation-style questions on DH […]

Case Study: Long term conditions – Developing a cross-government strategy

We asked stakeholders (e.g. advocacy groups, representative bodies etc.) and others (e.g. people with long-term conditions and their carers) to contribute to the development of the cross government ‘long term conditions’ strategy by asking them to submit comments openly on a Department of Health (DH) website over an 8-week period. We also partnered with the […]

Case Study: Dementia Challenge

About the project: From March 2012, we’ve been running a policy engagement campaign for the Dementia Challenge in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society.  The campaign has encouraged people to get involved with the “champion groups” who are reviewing how society tackles aspects of dementia care. The membership of these “champions groups” was drawn from Alzheimer […]