Designing Assembly Membership

By Houda Davis, Involve Over the last Sprint, I have been on a journey through academic and practice literature on deliberative public engagement with a focus on popular assemblies. I have been particularly interested in what NHS Citizen might learn about how to form a broad, inclusive and representative membership, which actively supports participation beyond […]

From Gather to the Assembly Meeting: what’s the issue?

Yesterday we began our first test of the Gather Space of NHS Citizen. The aim was to identify what ideas people engaging with NHS Citizen think are important enough to considered for the first test of the Assembly Meeting today. If you’d like to know more about the test, about NHS Citizen and the three […]

NHS Citizen Leadership Day

Last week I was watching the live stream of the NHS Citizen event which took place in Sunderland.  I was in the open plan office so it garnered interest from colleagues who have been wondering what has kept me, Eliat Aram and Leslie Brissett so busy over the last few months. As we watched, twenty […]

Empowering the Citizens’ Health Assembly

The starting conditions for a Citizens’ Health Assembly will largely decide how it develops. Get these right and the Assembly could make a constructive contribution. Get them wrong and it could be irrelevant or even damaging. This article suggests three starting conditions which could make it develop effectively, through a direct relationship with Parliament; by […]