Helping parliaments get closer to the people they represent

By Andy Williamson A key challenge for those trying to engage a broader public in parliamentary democracy is that the processes often appear closed and opaque (because, often, they are). The language is off-putting, the procedures cumbersome and unfriendly, and it’s hard to see what’s going on. It can be hard to see any value […]

How do we take back control?

  Digital democracy & democratic deficit in the EU The Democratic Society are working on a project to find out how people would like to communicate ideas directly to the institutions of the European Union. It’s about citizens feeding in to policy-making and having a say more than just once every five years in the European […]

Digital Democracy: a guide for PCCs

Here is a great read on digital participation – from Catherine Howe of Public-i for the shiny and new Association of Police and Crime Commissioners. It’s an excellent introduction and handbook, not just for those involved in policing. (I should say, for full disclosure, that as well as running Public-i, Catherine is one of Demsoc’s […]