The Case for Electoral Reform – Stronger Than Ever

The 2015 general election was a triumph for the Conservatives. Before the exit polls on 7th May no one foresaw a Tory majority. So how did it happen? In the weeks since the election there has been much speculation: Did Ed Miliband fail as a leader? Did Tory spending buy the vote? Should UKIP and […]

Lunchtime list for May 26th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: The collapse of the euro would open the door to democracy – Lots of euro stuff recently, much from a technical perspective, so here's a counterbalance in a traditional UK-Eurosceptic article from Simon Heffer. His thesis: that the end of the Euro, […]

Election first reaction

So after a few hours’s sleep, time to reflect on the irony that this most presidential of general elections has resulted in a slew of unpredictable local results, many based on individual candidates’ records, and will now be followed by at least 48 hours, and possibly much longer, of Parliamentary manoeuvring. When all the talk […]

First Time Voters: Shaping Election 2.0?

“To tackle the challenges of tomorrow, young people need political capital today” Demos :: An Anatomy of Youth According to the Electoral Commission, 2005 saw a national turnout  at 61%, compared with 37% amongst 18- to- 24 year olds. However, some of the key issues that we used to blame this apathy on, our electoral […]

We need an informed discussion on our voting system

Whatever the outcome on 6th May it looks like electoral reform will be a major issue in the next few years. In fact there’s only one outcome – a working Conservative majority – under which it’s not immediately on the table and if the Liberals increase their vote significantly anyway it’s hard to see how […]

Domestic Issues raised in the first Leaders’ Debate

There is no doubt that last night political history was made with the first live television debate between the leaders of the three main parties. Questions were put to them on domestic issues covering education, health, crime and the recovery from an audience hand picked to reflect British society. So was the debate focused on […]

How strong is my Vote? The problem of Electoral Reform

Voting reform frequently graces the pages of manifestos, but rarely leaps into the realms of reality. Our First Past the Post System arguably presents to us a limited choice, a disproportionate two horse race. With recent scandals and recessions could electoral reform help reach out to those who have been left feeling a little disillusioned, […]