United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). UKIP have long been a presence in British politics, but have recently begun to make much more serious inroads. The party was originally founded in 1993 by anti-Maastricht Treaty activists headed by the LSE Economist Alan Sked. The party was initially a single issue party with one desire: to get […]

Slovak National Party (SNS)

Slovak National Party (SNS). The SNS is a controversial far-right party. The party claims to be a socialist and nationalist party with an ideology based on European Christian values. However it is generally described as ultra-nationalist and right-wing extremist. It has been described by the Party of European Socialists as a party which “incites or […]

ChristianUnion (CU) & Political Reformed Party (SGP)

ChristianUnion (CU) & Political Reformed Party (SGP). This is a joint list of two Christian Orthodox parties. The parties are elements of the infamous Protestant Dutch disposition towards splintered churches. Some of the more Orthodox Protestants disagreed with the ARP and CHU due to theological and ideological differences and hence formed their own parties. Two […]

Independent Greeks (ANEL)

Independent Greeks (ANEL). When New Democracy was in opposition it often spent some time using a small amount of nationalistic, anti-austerity rhetoric though its official stance was always support in practice. Nonetheless, ND’s entry into government created a split from its anti-austerity right. The party’s leader and founder, Panos Kammenos, was ejected from ND after […]

Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS)

Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS). LAOS was formed by the ex-New Democracy MP Georgios Karatzaferis. It is a right-wing populist party with fairly typical right-wing populist views on immigration, and the EU. LAOS was also accused of antidemocratic views. When the Papademos government was formed all reasonably sized parties in parliament were offered positions in the […]

Movement for France (MPF)

Movement for France (MPF). The Movement for France is a right-wing Eurosceptic party founded by Jacques Chirac’s former communications minister, the aristocrat, Phillippe de Villiers. The party claims to be the true heir of Gaullism, with strongly soft Eurosceptic stances and an interventionist economic policy. It cooperates with the UMP in national elections and has […]