Eurabia: No such thing

The Brookings’ Institution’s Justin Va├»sse takes apart the Eurabia myth in this excellent short piece inForeign Policy. He points out the concept’s stylistic links to fear of “Eurocommunism” in the 50s and general anti-European and anti-internationalist sentiments on the American right, and correctly positions Melanie Phillips as “on the fringe far right” in European debate. […]

Blair and the EU

Lots of rumours that Tony Blair is the front runner for the EU Presidency. I suspect he’s a plausible candidate but, as this squirt of venom from Marina Hyde shows, anyone who thinks Blair will bring Britain into the European mainstream is likely to be disappointed. More widely, I don’t think that ex-prime ministers, even of countries with seats on the Security Council, do much for the EU’s democratic image.