United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). UKIP have long been a presence in British politics, but have recently begun to make much more serious inroads. The party was originally founded in 1993 by anti-Maastricht Treaty activists headed by the LSE Economist Alan Sked. The party was initially a single issue party with one desire: to get […]

Conservative Party

Conservative Party. The Conservative Party is the oldest political party in the world, being founded in 1834, though it can date its history back even further to the ‘Tories’ who formed one of the factions in parliament prior to the arising of organised political parties. The party originates in the royalist aristocracy but eventually became […]

Sweden Democrats (SD)

Sweden Democrats (SD). For a long time it was thought that progressive, sensible, successful Sweden was immune to the appeal of right-wing populist parties. In reality this view was over-egged. Sweden never developed a right-wing populist party because the correct personnel did not exist. Anti-immigration movements elsewhere emerged from politically legitimate traditions, such as the […]

Christian Democrats (KD)

Christian Democrats (KD). The KD is the newest and smallest member of the centre-right bloc in Swedish politics. The party emerged from the 1960s struggle about the role of religion in Swedish schooling. Unlike Christian democratic parties elsewhere in Europe, the KD did not emerge from Catholic Social Teaching or even from the major religion […]

Centre Party (C)

Centre Party (C). The Centre Party is Sweden’s primary representative of the Nordic tradition of agrarian parties. Emerging from farmers’ movements in the late 19th century, Agrarian parties came to be a powerful feature of the Nordic party system due to their ‘hinge’ position at the centre of the political spectrum. Such parties combine support […]

Pirate Party (PP)

Pirate Party (PP). The Pirates caused something of an international sensation when they broke through in 2009 to take two seats. The party is the originator of the international Pirate Party movement. The party’s predominant issues are opposition to copyright law and in favour of rights on the internet. It was pro-internet filesharing and has […]

Green Party (MP)

Green Party (MP, a more direct translation would be ‘Green Environmental Party’). Sweden’s Green Party has been a presence on the national scene since 1988. The party is fairly typical for a green party, prioritising feminism, anti-nuclear power and climate change views. The party’s base is amongst students, young people, and the well-educated. The party […]