Liberal People’s Party (FP)

Liberal People’s Party (FP). Often known just as the ‘People’s Party’ the FP is Sweden’s main liberal party. The party’s ideology is predominantly social liberal, advocating a strong welfare state but high personal freedom in most other regards. It is predominantly known for being particularly attached to globalisation, supporting, as it does, Sweden’s most pro-American, […]

Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden (SAP)

Social Democratic Workers’ Party of Sweden (SAP). The SAP is the most electorally successful centre-left party in world history. It is one of the most successful political parties anywhere in the world. In Europe, only Ireland’s Fianna Fail can claim to have governed more frequently. A behemoth of a party, the party dominated Swedish politics […]

Spain – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Spain joined the EU in 1986, along with fellow Iberian new democracy Portugal. Spain has been a member of the Euro since its inception. Spanish politics has long been marked by a struggle between the centre and peripheral nationalist movements. When the industrial revolution came to Spain it arrived in peripheral regions such […]


Podemos (literal translation: ‘we can’). Podemos is a new party in its first electoral outing. Founded earlier this year by left-wing academics, the party’s leader is a Spanish political science lecturer, Pablo Iglesias. The party is anti-corruption, supportive of participatory democracy. It is anticapitalist in orientation. The party uses open primaries to select its candidates. […]

European Spring (PE)

European Spring (PE). European Spring is an alliance of multiple left-leaning regionalist parties with the small green party Equo. Along with Equo, a very minor eco-socialist party, the major components of the list are the Compromise Coalition a centre-left coalition of Valencian nationalist parties headed by the Valencian Nationalist Bloc (BNV), and the Aragonese Union, […]

Citizens – Party of the Citizenship (C’s)

Citizens – Party of the Citizenship (C’s). Citizens is a small party predominantly based in Catalonia. It is very similar to the UPyD, in that it primarily objects to Catalan nationalism, and has a left-liberal, secularist slant. Like the UPyD it is a fairly recent formation, founded in 2005. The party is quasi-identical ideologically to […]

Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD)

Union, Progress and Democracy (UPyD). The UPyD is the most recent entrant into Spanish national politics, being founded in 2007. The party originates in the Basque country, in anti-ETA organisations. Its key issue is opposition to nationalism, predominantly sub-state nationalism though it also has objections to Spanish nationalism. The party wishes to see Spain become […]