Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR)

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR). The UDMR is the primary representative of Romania’s sizeable Hungarian minority (around 6.5% of the population). Technically the UDMR is an alliance of multiple Hungarian forces, but in reality it is predominantly dominated by the liberal-conservative faction. Nonetheless, the party’s primary issue is protecting the Hungarian minority and […]

Portuguese Alliance

Social Democratic Party (PSD) & Democratic and Social Centre – People’s Party (CDS-PP). This year the two governing parties, the PSD and the CDS-PP are running a joint list, officially called the Portuguese Alliance. The PSD and the CDS-PP represent the centre-right and right of the Portuguese political spectrum, respectively. The PSD was founded in […]

Polish People’s Party (PSL)

Polish People’s Party (PSL – an alternative translation of the party might be ‘Polish Peasants’ Party’). The PSL’s name is inspired by several historical parties of the same name. The PSL is officially an agrarian centrist and Christian democratic party. In reality, however, it is a pretty vague beast which simply makes itself ready for […]

Civic Platform (PO)

Civic Platform (PO). Civic Platform is Poland’s current ruling party, and the first Polish ruling party to enjoy two successive terms in power. PO is a liberal-conservative party that emerged from Solidarity Electoral Action, a vast coalition of centre-right parties which ruled Poland in the late 1990s. Broadly, PO represented the more pro-market elements in […]

Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA)

Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA). Formerly the dominant party in the Netherlands, recent years have been tough on the CDA. The CDA finds its origins in three parties which dominated the Dutch political system until their formal merger in 1980. These three parties, the Catholic People’s Party (KVP), and the Protestant Anti-Revolutionary Party (ARP) and Christian […]

Nationalist Party (PN)

Nationalist Party (PN). The Nationalist Party is Malta’s centre-right party, with Christian democratic and Conservative attitudes. The PN was officially founded in 1926, but can trace its history back to 1880. The party finds its origins in Nationalist groups who opposed British colonial taxes and the Anglicisation of the education and judicial systems. The party’s […]

Christian Social People’s Party (CSV)

Christian Social People’s Party (CSV). The CSV has long been Luxembourg’s dominant political force. Essentially a re-launch of the Party of the Right (PD) in 1944, the CSV is the continuation of Luxembourg’s dominant political ideology: Christian democracy. The CSV/PD has been the largest political party in every election since 1919. However the party has […]