Homeland Union – Christian Democrats

Homeland Union – Christian Democrats (TS-LKD). The TS-LKD is Lithuania’s main centre-right party. Its core was formed from the Homeland Union, by the right-wing of the Sajudis, the Lithuanian independence movement, who won the first free elections in 1990 and subsequently led Lithuania to independence from the USSR. The Homeland Union subsequently sucked up other […]

Brothers of Italy – National Alliance

Brothers of Italy – National Alliance (FdI – AN). FdI is a party founded by ex-members of the National Alliance, the successor to Italy’s former neo-fascist party, the Italian Social Movement. Despite this, the FdI’s founders come from the more liberal conservative and pro-Berlusconi faction of the AN. They had been opposed to Monti’s government […]

South Tyroleon People’s Party

South Tyroleon People’s Party (SVP). South Tyrol is a small province of Northern Italy which was annexed from Austria after WWI. To this day the region is majority German speaking with 61.5% speaking German as a first language, 23.1% speaking Italian, and 4.0% speaking Ladin, a local romance language. The region has wide-ranging autonomy. 90% […]

New Centre-Right (NCD) – Union of the Centre (UdC).

New Centre-Right (NCD) – Union of the Centre (UdC). This year running a joint list are one established party, the UdC, and one brand new one, the NCD. The UdC is essentially the heir to the more centre-right factions of the former Christian Democracy who did not join Berlusconi’s Forza Italia project on its inception. […]

Forza Italia

Forza Italia (lit. ‘Go Italy’), at the time of the last election People of Freedom. Forza Italia is the personal party of Silvio Berlusconi, and technically the second party to bear the Forza Italia name. The original Forza Italia was launched in December 1993, winning the general election in March 1993. The party was a […]

Fidesz – KDNP

Fidesz – KDNP. Fidesz is Hungary’s supremely dominant centre-right party. ‘Fidesz’ was originally an acronym for ‘Alliance of Young Democrats’ and it was founded in 1988 as a radical, playful and exceedingly liberal and stridently anti-communist party of young people. At first, the party banned membership to those older than 35 and the party’s 1990 […]

New Democracy (ND)

New Democracy (ND). Now the lead party in the government with its former nemesis PASOK, ND remains Greece’s predominant centre-right party. ND was launched by transition PM Konstantine Karamanlis. Karamanlis had been a former PM for the National Radical Union, Greece’s pre-1967 conservative party. Karamanlis had gone into self-imposed exile in the mid-60s and was […]

Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU)

Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU). Germany’s second most-populated, and wealthiest Land, Bavaria, has long had a rather independent personality. Identified in the popular imagination with Liederhosen, beer halls and Oktoberfest, the Land features unusual German dialects and has occasionally flirted with separatism. Like most of Germany’s South, Bavaria is majority Catholic, and very affluent. […]