Heffer on the EU: Nostradamus he ain’t

It’s always enjoyable to come across a hysterical prophecy that has been disproved by the passage of time. How much more enjoyable it is when the author is as self-righteous and opinionated as Simon Heffer. The prophecy in question comes from the Daily Mail in 2003. In an article entitled without irony, Europe: Who’s telling […]

Lunchtime list for June 3rd

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: French bid for euro zone government gains ground – More positioning from France, Germany and EU Council President. Worth reading for background on this quietly important story Life inside the North Korean bubble – Fascinating film from BBC Newsnight, with footage from […]

Lunchtime list for June 2nd

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Affluent communities cast wider social net – Research from Cornell University shows affluent communities tend to have residents who interact with a diverse group of people while people living in less-advantaged communities only talk within their own neighborhoods. THE REALITIES AND RELEVANCE […]

Lunchtime list for May 26th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: The collapse of the euro would open the door to democracy – Lots of euro stuff recently, much from a technical perspective, so here's a counterbalance in a traditional UK-Eurosceptic article from Simon Heffer. His thesis: that the end of the Euro, […]

Lunchtime list for May 24th

Here are some thoughts on lunchtime reading for today: In the loop: Twitter’s transformation of British politics – The Independent’s John Rentoul writes about how his work of covering UK politics has been transformed by Twitter. Europe’s debt crisis and Keynes’ green cheese solution – Well-timed for today’s UK spending cuts announcement, Thomas Palley writes […]

Germany and the Euro

Image via Wikipedia Charlemagne has a long transcript of an interview with Angela Merkel‘s right-hand-man, Thomas de Maizière, currently Germany’s interior minister. Since discussion of the Euro falls well within the “very important but very boring” category, I’ll leave you to go and read the interview in full. One thing worth reproducing from a UK […]

What will the parties do for the countryside?

Image via Wikipedia The first thing to understand about the parties’ attitudes to the countryside is that, even though the Conservatives are overwhelmingly the leading party in rural areas, there are at least two different sorts of countryside. The first is the prosperous near-London commuter belt, typified by Ightham, near Sevenoaks, officially the least deprived […]

Was die Mode streng geteilt

With the talk of progressive coalitions in the air, what could be a more appropriate tune to hum than Beethoven’s setting of the Ode to Joy? Deine Zauber binden wieder, was die Mode streng geteilt Your charms will reunite those whom harsh habit has long divided. Doubly so because that tune is the European Anthem, and […]

What will the next Government’s relationship be with the World?

This recovery-time election has focused thus far on building, protecting, sustaining and stability. So what do the three largest parties believe matter when it comes to the somewhat scarier – and bigger – business of globalisation?Global forces were widely blamed for the economic downturn. At the G20 summit last year Gordon Brown called the recession “the first […]