Sinn Fein (lit. ‘We Ourselves’)

Sinn Fein (lit. ‘We Ourselves’). Sinn Fein is the only political party in the European Parliament to have a presence in two member states, as the party campaigns across Ireland, as part of its insistence that Ireland remains is or should be one country. Sinn Fein is a party name which echoes throughout 20th century Irish history. […]


Podemos (literal translation: ‘we can’). Podemos is a new party in its first electoral outing. Founded earlier this year by left-wing academics, the party’s leader is a Spanish political science lecturer, Pablo Iglesias. The party is anti-corruption, supportive of participatory democracy. It is anticapitalist in orientation. The party uses open primaries to select its candidates. […]

United Left (iU) & Initiative for Catalonia Greens

United Left (iU) & Initiative for Catalonia Greens. The iU is a coalition of far-left parties, predominantly based around the PCE, the Spanish Communist Party. Communism was a major element of the nationalist side in the Spanish Civil War, and, subsequently a major component of the opposition to Franco and the PCE won around 10% […]

List Verjamem (LV)

List Verjamem (LV, literal translation: ‘List “I believe”’). List Verjamem is a new party founded by Igorja Soltesa, the former head of the Slovene Court of Auditors. Getting information about Verjamem is exceedingly difficult. For one thing, the party currently lacks a website. Its only web presence appears to be a twitter feed with eight […]

Democratic Unitarian Coalition (CDU)

Democratic Unitarian Coalition (CDU). The CDU is a coalition of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and the Ecologist Party (PEV), though in reality the PCP is by far the senior partner, and the PEV are mostly irrelevant, though, officially, the two maintain fairly different party programmes. The coalition has existed since 1987. The PCP is […]

Left Bloc (BE)

Left Bloc (BE). The Left Bloc is the more socially libertarian, and bohemian of Portugal’s two far-left structures. A merger party, the predecessors were small communist parties. It originally bought together Maoists, Trotskyists, anarchists and other far-left types who rejected the post-Stalinist Portuguese Communist Party. The party has come to have a much more ‘New […]

Harmony Centre

Harmony Centre. The Harmony Centre is a political alliance shrouded in controversy in Latvia. The alliance is unique in Latvia for two reasons. Firstly it is Latvia’s only parliamentary party to identify as left-of-centre, the rest are all centre-right, or centrist at the most. Secondly, while the alliance is officially open to all Latvians, it […]