Who should vote in the EU referendum?

Who should vote in the European referendum? You’re likely to see a lot of political debate about it in the next couple of months, but the answer to the question is not just a matter of political calculation. It depends on what you think the EU is, and what a referendum is meant to do. […]

A quick Europe round-up

Aside from the rolling soap-opera/fiasco that is the euro crisis, there have been a few bits of democratic interest going on in Europe this week. Quickly to run through them: Eurosceptics of the “ENGLAND NOT EUROPE, Malaga” variety will like this ruling from the European Court of Justice, which says that British people living in […]

Germany and the Euro

Image via Wikipedia Charlemagne has a long transcript of an interview with Angela Merkel‘s right-hand-man, Thomas de Maizière, currently Germany’s interior minister. Since discussion of the Euro falls well within the “very important but very boring” category, I’ll leave you to go and read the interview in full. One thing worth reproducing from a UK […]

Vote UKIP – you know you want to, apparently

A new political survey is out and about. Called “Take the Quiz” it’s a sort of Stem Wijzer version god-knows-how-many, but without the political neutrality that such a project requires. The idea is that you plug in the issues that you think are important, play ‘pick the commitment’ from the manifestos/policy positions and it gives […]