German finance minister talks of EU-wide elected president

Yesterday’s edition of Le Monde had an interview with Wolfgang Schäuble, the German finance minister, on the future of the Eurozone, which suggested (not for the first time) that there might be some big proposals to come from the Germans on further European integration – and, hearteningly, building greater democratic legitimacy. Here are a few […]

Competing democracies

So, if the Greek parliament votes to sack George Papandreou and thereby cancels plans for Greece to hold a risk-laden referendum, is that democracy? Is it democratic to use referendums as a tool of political advantage (as they often are used)? Is it democratic to cancel plans for a referendum by a vote in the […]

Accidentally on purpose

The Daily Telegraph is surprised by Lord Myners‘ suggestion that HSBC should relocate its centre of operations to Paris to avoid the new UK banking regulation system. Myners said:  If I was the director of HSBC, I would simply cease to do business in the UK through HSBC plc which is the old Midland bank, and […]

Not thinking the thinkable

Chris Dillow’s excellent post yesterday expresses two arguments that are barely heard or discussed in the press – first, that Murdoch’s decision to pull out of the BSkyB bid was bad for the economy and for liberty; the second that the EU could solve the current Euro crisis by taking a big step towards political […]