Have people in Northern Ireland given up on democracy?

What do people in Northern Ireland think of democracy? Have they become downheartened, disappointed, disillusioned? If the crowds that came for Democracy Day in Belfast last month are anything to go by, it’s clear there’s a lot of enthusiasm and energy for democracy – and plenty of ideas for how to fix it!   Coincidentally meeting as […]

How do we take back control?

  Digital democracy & democratic deficit in the EU The Democratic Society are working on a project to find out how people would like to communicate ideas directly to the institutions of the European Union. It’s about citizens feeding in to policy-making and having a say more than just once every five years in the European […]

DemsocMCR Launch Event Summary

Last week we launched Demsoc Manchester, our new hub that compliments the work we’re already doing in Brighton, Edinburgh and Brussels. Thanks to everyone who came along and contributed to an interesting and lively discussion. In case you couldn’t make it, here’s a quick summary of what happened on the night!   We asked the […]

DemsocMCR’s Launch Event!

As some of you may know, Demsoc have recently opened a new hub in Manchester, with Beth, Mat and Michelle looking for interesting opportunities to work in the north west to improve democracy, especially around devolution, and local and open government. As part of this new office, we will be launching a brand new series […]

#HolyroodTweetUp Scottish Leaders’ Debate Bingo

After the seven-headed Leaders’ Debate in Manchester last week, the TV Debate focus is now shifting to Scotland as Scottish Party Leaders prepare to discuss the issues that matter to Scottish voters. The first Scottish Leaders’ TV Debate of the General Election Campaign will take place tonight and will be broadcast by STV. You find […]

GovCamp Cymru 2014

On Saturday 27th of September 2014 Cardiff played host to the first ever GovCamp in Wales. Govcamp, already a regular event in other parts of the UK, is an ‘unconference’ where participants set the agenda, host discussions, share their expertise and work on identifying and solving problems in Government. The predominant, but not single, focus […]

Event: Post-Referendum – A New Scottish Democracy? – Hemma, Edinburgh, 7pm – 7th October 2014

Demsoc Scotland Presents: Post-Referendum – A New Scottish Democracy? – Hemma, 7th October, 7pm. The referendum is over. The votes have been counted. The campaign posters have been taken down. However, it seems that the referendum has revitalised democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom. This is due to a record breaking turnout; an increase in […]

10 thoughts: Commission on Public Debate conference, Paris

My “Slee blog” – ten instant personal reflections – on the Colloque CNDP, in Paris, an international (but largely French) conference on public participation. 1. Superficially, at least, the French and UK debates seemed fairly similar – same issues and similar questions being asked overall. But the French participants seemed to feel that their participation efforts […]

Event Review: Open Policy Making & Public Dialogue @ BIS 5/6/14

Last week Involve, Sciencewise, and the Open Policy Making Team brought together policy makers from across government departments to learn more about the benefits of Open Policy Making and Public Dialogue. The event aimed to explore the barriers civil servants come up against when trying to carry out genuine engagement. The event attendees were also encouraged […]