The Talk Issues Thinktank Roundup

Welcome to this week’s Talk Issues ‘Thinktank Roundup’ – your one-stop review of all the best publications, research, commentary and events from leading UK think tanks. Not surprisingly in the week of the Queen’s speech various thinktanks responds to their fears & hopes from the government legislative programme for the next 18 months. Reports, Publications […]

Family affairs

People who are turned off by politics often argue that the parties are “all the same”. They also complain, slightly paradoxically, that politicians argue too much. Family policy is one of the areas where they are all the same – or at least, where the differences between the parties’ attitudes is fairly small. It hasn’t […]

Domestic Issues raised in the first Leaders’ Debate

There is no doubt that last night political history was made with the first live television debate between the leaders of the three main parties. Questions were put to them on domestic issues covering education, health, crime and the recovery from an audience hand picked to reflect British society. So was the debate focused on […]

Who will say ‘I do’ to marriage tax breaks?

Today sees the Tories announce tax breaks for married couples (including civil partnerships), allowing non-working partners to transfer their tax-free allowance to their spouse. Worth up to £150 a year (just under £3 a week) for around 4 million couples, the scheme will cost some £550m and is to be funded by a levy on […]