Libertarian, Direct, Democratic

Libertarian, Direct, Democratic (LDD).  LDD is one of Belgium’s newest parties, set up in 2007 by Jean-Marie Dedecker, formerly a Senator for the VLD before being expelled. LDD began as ‘List Dedecker’ based around his singular personality. LDD’s ideology is modelled around Dedecker’s personality and was broadly a mashing of libertarian and right-wing populist themes. Dedecker’s party […]

Flemish Liberals and Democrats

Flemish Liberals and Democrats (VLD). Before the party split the Party for Freedom and Progress, as the Belgian Liberals were known, was the representative of Belgium’s secular middle classes, generally sitting to the right of the Christian Democrats on economics, but more progressive on social policy. The party took its current name in 1992 in what […]

Groen (Green)

Groen (Green). Groen is Flanders Green party. The party explicitly identifies itself as a centre-left party and sometimes works closely with the SP.A. Groen’s highpoint was the 1999 elections, where it surged after a scandal with pollutants in chicken. It entered government until 2003, when it lost all its seats in parliament. It returned in 2007 […]

New Flemish Alliance

New Flemish Alliance (N-VA).  The New-Flemish Alliance is seemingly Flanders newly dominant party. Created in 2001 from the centre-right faction of the former People’s Union, a broad-based Flemish nationalist party, the N-VA has had a rapid rise to success in Flanders. Only barely winning a single seat in the 2003 federal election the N-VA formed an alliance […]

Socialist Party Different

Socialist Party Different (SP.A). SP.A is the Flemish successor of the Belgian Socialist Party. Much weaker than its French-speaking equivalent, the Socialist Party, it is also a much more moderate party, with the addition of ‘Different’ to its name, a sort of Flemish equivalent of, say, re-branding yourself ‘New Labour’. The SP.A is a member […]

Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest)

Vlaams Belang (VB). Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) is the representative of the most radical portion of the Flemish nationalist movement, a populist and radical right-wing party which seeks an Independent Flemish state. The successor of the Vlaams Blok, banned in 2004 on grounds of racism, Vlaams Belang is not as radical as its far-right predecessor, […]

Christian Democratic and Flemish

Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V). Before the late 60s split in the party, the Christian People’s Party was Belgium’s dominant party. The representative of political Catholicism, the People’s Party was especially dominant in religious Flanders. After the split it remained dominant. It was a part of every Belgian government between 1968 (when the Christian Democrats […]