This is the most democratic government since universal suffrage

Norman Geras has a go at Deborah Orr, for saying that the Government has a thin democratic mandate. He’s right. Accusations about legitimacy are an outgrowth of the majoritarian mindset our politics creates – the idea that Strong Governments win outright and then do what the hell they like for five years. The Government is […]

It’s a very different election in Scotland

David Cameron didn’t win last night’s final TV debate for Scottish viewers. In fact if Nick Clegg had announced a new compulsory programme of bestiality in primary schools and Gordon Brown had broken down in tears and lay in the corner shaking the consensus of opinion at workplace coffee machines this morning would be “But […]

The perils of education targets

“Education, Education, Education” This was the mantra with which Tony Blair began his first term as Prime Minister, as Labour campaigned to bring classroom excellence to the top of their political agenda. But have Labour succeeded since election and three successive terms? There’s no doubting the level of money invested (doubling spending from £29bn in […]

How far do we want long arm of the law stretched?

Feeling safe in your community is one of the most important issues on the agenda when deciding who to vote for, with it’s voting power is often reflected in the mainstream media. Despite Labour claiming that since 1997 crime is down by a third, and violent crime by over 40%, endless stories about crime rates, […]

Is there an effective counter extremist strategy?

Image via Wikipedia In the age of terrorism and what Mr Clegg labelled in the first leaders’ debate ‘the murky world of politics’, it is remarkably difficult for those in power to lay our how they will counter extremist ideology, when the reasons why people are drawn to the fringes and believe in such radicalism […]

Domestic Issues raised in the first Leaders’ Debate

There is no doubt that last night political history was made with the first live television debate between the leaders of the three main parties. Questions were put to them on domestic issues covering education, health, crime and the recovery from an audience hand picked to reflect British society. So was the debate focused on […]