Plain speaking

This project led by the Democratic Society has been focusing on how to improve the mechanisms we use for consultation. But if we are going to involve and engage more people, we also need to change the words we use to talk about policy. Plain English is mandatory on the new GOV.UK website. The Government Digital Service has created a useful list […]

Explaining government policy on GOV.UK- helping to contextualise the policy making discussion

This post by my colleague, Janet Hughes got me thinking about how the way we explain policy impacts the extent to which people are willing and able to engage in meaningful discussions about it. Janet sets out some of the work the Government Digital Service (within the Cabinet Office) has been doing in this area […]

What is GDS doing about… online consultation tools?

Now that the launch of GOV.UK is imminent, lots of departments around government have been asking how we’re planning to support access to consultations. We realised that while we’ve been thinking very hard about it, we’ve not been telling you properly. So, here goes: We are not going to build a new platform for consultations. […]