Empowering the Citizens’ Health Assembly

The starting conditions for a Citizens’ Health Assembly will largely decide how it develops. Get these right and the Assembly could make a constructive contribution. Get them wrong and it could be irrelevant or even damaging. This article suggests three starting conditions which could make it develop effectively, through a direct relationship with Parliament; by […]

Violence and Mental Health

I used to live with a mental patient. They were dangerous, hated me with a passion – as they always told me – and spent all day, every day thinking of new ways to cause me harm. I was extremely lucky, I survived. 100,000 teenagers just like me kill themselves every single year.   The numbers […]

Twenty-four relatively contented people

Via Involve, I’ve come across two case studies of citizens’ juries being used in the NHS – one in Oldham which looked at fairness in commissioning, and one in Buckinghamshire which looked at setting the priorities for dementia care. Both are reasonable examples of what citizens’ juries can achieve, but they raise a couple of […]

The Talk Issues Thinktank Roundup

Welcome to this week’s Talk Issues ‘Thinktank Roundup’ – your one-stop review of all the best publications, research, commentary and events from leading UK think tanks. Not surprisingly in the week of the Queen’s speech various thinktanks responds to their fears & hopes from the government legislative programme for the next 18 months. Reports, Publications […]

The complex combination of Drugs and Politics

Image via Wikipedia The history of drug legislation is a tale of disjointed incrementalism. A drug becomes a social problem, the media pick it up and politicians push something through to prove that they care. So we have the three main parties manifestos at our fingertips for Election 2010. Covering all those big issues that […]