What a hung parliament means for local government

Andy Sawford, chief executive of the Local Government Information Unit, recently spoke to TweetyHall – a site dedicated to helping residents and local politicians come together through social media – about what a hung parliament means for local government in terms of powers, funding and a localist agenda. He also looks at what MPs might […]

No confidence in 55 percent

Image via Wikipedia The Government’s self-interested plan to gut the traditional motion of no confidence might gain the status of memorable first flap of the new administration – with a constitutional principle in the role of Bernie Ecclestone. The proposal, linked to that for fixed-term parliaments, is that votes of no confidence should no longer […]

Election first reaction

So after a few hours’s sleep, time to reflect on the irony that this most presidential of general elections has resulted in a slew of unpredictable local results, many based on individual candidates’ records, and will now be followed by at least 48 hours, and possibly much longer, of Parliamentary manoeuvring. When all the talk […]

Hung parliaments don’t have to mean unstable governments

Conservative Shadow Cabinet member Jeremy Hunt has been on the campaign trail, telling people how awful hung parliaments are: Speaking at a Conservative election campaign event in central London, shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt said this would mean a “lack of accountability”, with no one party in charge, and deals being done “behind closed doors”. The […]

Avoiding the issue

Image via Wikipedia One horrror movie staple is the monstrous beast that revives unexpectedly when you think the hero has killed it. Another is the monstrous beast unleashing a hideous scream as it disappears into oblivion. Time will tell whether the wails of the media and the two main parties over the last few days […]