Governance Through a Focus on Place: Stronger Citizens, Stronger Cities

From the Open Policy Blog: Interesting from the Sustainable Cities Collective, via Tessy Britton. In equitable places, individual citizens feel (first) that they are welcome, and (second) that it is within their power to change those places through their own actions. “The huge problem with citizenship today is that people don’t take it very seriously,” […]

Open Government beyond open data and transparency

From the Open Policy Blog: This post by Pedro Prieto-Martín of Asociación Ciudades Kyopol (Spain), originally appeared on his blog On the Road to Lórien The term “Open Government” (OG, hereafter) has been used since the 70s to refer to the effort to reduce bureaucratic opacity and open up governments to public scrutiny. Current notions of […]

Spain opens up its democratic process

From the Open Policy Blog: The Opening Parliament site has a great post from Spain, where there are some serious efforts (driven by the political disillusionment that has accompanied the economic crisis) to change the way in which Spain’s multiple parliaments consider legislation. Benigno Pendás, director of the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies, has […]