The numbers game

A group of cross party Parliamentarians (including a former Archbishop of Canterbury) have released a statement (extracted and linked at ConservativeHome), saying that immigration is too high and that the population of the country should be capped at 70 million. It is not surprising that a bunch of backward-looking, right-leaning MPs should want to stop […]

Will it be the Sun what’ll win it?

Many people believe that Middle England’s generally hostile attitude towards criminals, the EU, and immigration springs from the way that stories are presented in the press. Journalists themselves would disagree. They often disclaim any ability to influence the people who read their paper, instead claiming that they reflect the values of their readers. Well, Trevor […]

UKIP (heart) immigration

There’s something rather odd in the outrage about the Government banning a far-right Dutch politician from entering the UK for a speaking engagement. The politician, Geert Wilders, has called for the Koran to be banned and compared it to Mein Kampf. Lord Pearson, who invited him to speak in Parliament, sits for UKIP in the […]

Damian Green MP arrested – for leaking?

Extraordinary news about Damian Green, the shadow immigration spokesman. According to the BBC, he has been arrested for an offence thought to be connected to leaks from the Home Office about immigration matters. I am very worried about this, for two reasons. First, it will fuel the bloggertarian paranoia about Gordon Brown being a Stalinist […]

Stupid polls

What’s the point of website opinion polls? Are they just an opportunity to solicit uninformed opinion, like a comments box but without the requirement to form prejudices into actual words? Or do they serve some commercial purpose, with marketing drones desperately hoping that people will come back to find out whether the readers of the […]