Five Star Movement

Five Star Movement (M5S). The Five Star Movement is one of Italy’s newest parties (though members deny that it is a party, insisting that it is a ‘movement’), and also one of its most notable. Its result in the 2013 election received international attention. The M5S is the brainchild of Beppe Grillo, a famous comedian […]

European Choice (SE)

European Choice (SE). After the resignation of the Berlusconi government, the Italian President appointed the economist, and former European Commissioner Mario Monti, a political independent, as Prime Minister. Monti attempted a cabinet of total political nonpartisans, and then went to work on a reformist government with a centrist, technocratic, pro-European bent. Initially extremely popular, as […]

Brothers of Italy – National Alliance

Brothers of Italy – National Alliance (FdI – AN). FdI is a party founded by ex-members of the National Alliance, the successor to Italy’s former neo-fascist party, the Italian Social Movement. Despite this, the FdI’s founders come from the more liberal conservative and pro-Berlusconi faction of the AN. They had been opposed to Monti’s government […]

South Tyroleon People’s Party

South Tyroleon People’s Party (SVP). South Tyrol is a small province of Northern Italy which was annexed from Austria after WWI. To this day the region is majority German speaking with 61.5% speaking German as a first language, 23.1% speaking Italian, and 4.0% speaking Ladin, a local romance language. The region has wide-ranging autonomy. 90% […]

New Centre-Right (NCD) – Union of the Centre (UdC).

New Centre-Right (NCD) – Union of the Centre (UdC). This year running a joint list are one established party, the UdC, and one brand new one, the NCD. The UdC is essentially the heir to the more centre-right factions of the former Christian Democracy who did not join Berlusconi’s Forza Italia project on its inception. […]