Progressive punch-up in Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion is one of the few constituencies where there is a serious Green/Labour battle underway, giving the Conservatives a good chance of splitting the left vote. As you might imagine, one of the results of this is that Labour and the Greens have been going at each other hammer and tongs, as left-aligned Brighton […]

Does London hold the Key to Number 10?

Image by Cee-Bee via Flickr London holds a whopping 73 constituencies – more than ten percent of the House of Commons. The Evening Standard has claimed that the party that wins London wins a place in 10 Downing Street. The City that turned red under the wave of New Labour in 1997 looked all set to […]

The perils of education targets

“Education, Education, Education” This was the mantra with which Tony Blair began his first term as Prime Minister, as Labour campaigned to bring classroom excellence to the top of their political agenda. But have Labour succeeded since election and three successive terms? There’s no doubting the level of money invested (doubling spending from £29bn in […]

Who will help with housing?

This is a guest post by James Evison The need to build 3 million homes by 2020 – with the current recession creating a climate where this is all but impossible – suggests housing should be a significant issue for the three main political parties. Labour’s plan is typically optimistic, even at the best of […]

Education, Education and (Higher) Education

Education is a massive issue. It’s widely believed that locked within it is the success of the future of the country and the economy, not to mention greater equality, fulfilment, welfare and social mobility. A young Mr Blair once listed “Education, Education, Education” as his top issues in government. Is it as high on the […]

The Liberal Democrats: Strident change or Trident tweaking?

Image via Wikipedia So the Liberal Democrats want to scrap, replace, consider replacing…hang on a minute, let’s find the manifesto…”commit not to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system on a like-for-like basis” if they are voted into office. And Trident, naturally, made an appearance in last night’s leaders’ debate. After all, it marks a clear […]

Liberal Conspiracy: Handing immigration to the right

The Daily Mail asked if Nick Clegg was British enough: Image via Wikipedia Adam Ramsay has a good analysis on Liberal Conspiracy of how the right has hijacked immigration and some suggestions on how Labour can change the narrative. Adam has been canvassing council estates for the past two weeks and when he asks voters […]

How far do we want long arm of the law stretched?

Feeling safe in your community is one of the most important issues on the agenda when deciding who to vote for, with it’s voting power is often reflected in the mainstream media. Despite Labour claiming that since 1997 crime is down by a third, and violent crime by over 40%, endless stories about crime rates, […]

Avoiding the issue

Image via Wikipedia One horrror movie staple is the monstrous beast that revives unexpectedly when you think the hero has killed it. Another is the monstrous beast unleashing a hideous scream as it disappears into oblivion. Time will tell whether the wails of the media and the two main parties over the last few days […]

Is there an effective counter extremist strategy?

Image via Wikipedia In the age of terrorism and what Mr Clegg labelled in the first leaders’ debate ‘the murky world of politics’, it is remarkably difficult for those in power to lay our how they will counter extremist ideology, when the reasons why people are drawn to the fringes and believe in such radicalism […]