Friday afternoon reading: March 1, 2013

When does the British Constitution require a Referendum? – Vernon Bogdanor Open Data Engagement | Exploring the engagement dimensions of open data Crowdsourced Urbanism In Helsinki: The Rise Of Facebook Democracy? — The Pop-Up City Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship – Charlie's Diary On post-democracy < good discussion from a few days ago […]

Friday afternoon reading: February 1, 2013

WIth Open Data, The Transparency Medium Can Matter As Much as the Message (TechPresident via @kcorrick) Economic nationalism will only fuel failure (FT £) Interview on Britain and Europe with Former Prime Minister Tony Blair – SPIEGEL ONLINE @campbellclaret meets the stars of #Borgen (Times, £) The New Face of Digital Populism (Demos) Participatory Budgeting […]

Friday afternoon reading: January 18, 2013

FactCheck: ‘Benefit tourism’ scare sent packing < useful background re: Bul/Rom Rehabilitating Politicians, by @huxley06 "Those in power are universally fearful of public gaze" (@mickfealty in @irishtimes) Report: Connecting To The World, Communicating For Change: Media and agency in the new networked public sphere (@charliebeckett) Energy transition: what about involving citizens? (@involveUK) HMV, You Should […]