Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union

Lithuanian Peasant and Green Union (LVZS). The LVZS is an agrarian party which was founded in 2001 by Kazimira Prunskiene, a former Communist Party official who helped found the Lithuanian independence movement, Sajudis. Prunskiene later became the first Prime Minister in a democratic Lithuania, though she did not serve long enough to see Lithuanian independence […]

Liberal Movement

Liberal Movement (LS). The Liberal Movement emerged as a splinter from the Liberal and Centre Union. As the party’s name suggests it is broadly liberal. It is a centre-right party and has a few conservative inflections on issues like law and order. The party opposes ‘populists, demagogues and jokers’ and views itself as an intellectual, […]

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (AWPL). The AWPL is a Polish minority party which represents Lithuania’s Polish minority. The party’s main issues are the restoration of land seized from Poles by the Soviet government, the use of Polish in schools, and official recognition of Polish name spellings. In addition to Polish issues it also […]

Labour Party

Labour Party (DP). The Labour Party is a centrist party founded by the Russian-born millionaire businessman Viktor Uspaskich. The party burst onto the scene in 2004, winning that year’s European elections and the national parliamentary elections that year and subsequently formed a coalition government with the Social Democrats. Uspaskich was subsequently accused of financial irregularities […]

Social Democratic Party of Lithuania

Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (LSDP). The LSDP is Lithuania’s largest centre-left party, and the party of the current Prime Minister, Algirdas Butkevicius, who also serves as party leader. The LSDP originates in a merger of the Democratic Labour Party, which had emerged from the Lithuanian section of the Soviet Communist Party, and another party […]

Homeland Union – Christian Democrats

Homeland Union – Christian Democrats (TS-LKD). The TS-LKD is Lithuania’s main centre-right party. Its core was formed from the Homeland Union, by the right-wing of the Sajudis, the Lithuanian independence movement, who won the first free elections in 1990 and subsequently led Lithuania to independence from the USSR. The Homeland Union subsequently sucked up other […]

Lunchtime list for June 10th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Balls’ EU immigration claims don’t stand up – Sarah Mulley at Left Foot Forward takes a look at the immigration stance of Labour leader candidate Ed Balls. Balls is conflating immigration with intra-EU migration, which has been pointed out elsewhere. She accuses […]

Lunchtime list for May 31st

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Peak State and The Valley of Nobody Knows – Adil Abrar from Sidekick Studios has joined the blogging team at The Big Society, and his first post is an interesting meditation on the similarities between energy policy and Big Society: both have […]