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Time for one last look at the Conservative party’s local government green paper Control Shift. A quick canter through chapters four and five, and then some conclusions. Chapter Four is about spending. It says a Conservative Government will: give local people greater control over how central government funds are spent in their area; phase out […]

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Part three of a series of articles looking at the Conservative local government green paper, Control Shift. This time, chapter two. This chapter is about localism, and promises that a Conservative Government would: give local residents the power to determine the balance between the level of council tax and the level of services delivered; drastically […]

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Part two of a series of articles on the Conservative green paper on local government, which are also appearing on Section one of the green paper discusses local housing and economic growth. The Conservatives’ proposals are: enable local authorities to benefit financially when they deliver the housing that local people need; give local authorities […]

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Local decision-making should be less constrained by central government, and also more accountable to local people. We will encourage democratic innovations in local government, including pilots of the idea of elected mayors with executive powers in cities. David Cameron’s green paper Control Shift, published yesterday? No, the 1997 Labour manifesto, and if you want a […]

Use the Power, Luke

The Conservatives are going to publish their new green paper on local government later today – details are already on the BBC website. We’ll be taking a look at the proposals from a democratic perspective in the next few days. With local government reform in mind, it was interesting to read this piece of research […]

Community Contracts: are they a route to disappointment?

The UK’s Department for Communities and Local Government has published a guidance document on creating local charters (also called community contracts). These are arrangements between local communities and public sector service providers, containing promises from both sides on service standards and tailored service provision. In other words, charters are deals between the state and its […]