Republican kings

This piece first appeared on  Guess whose manifesto begins: “There is nothing more beautiful in a democracy than the love of one’s country, to which every vote that slides into the ballot box on election day bears witness.” I’m sure you guessed it’s not Boris Johnson, or Ken Livingstone, or your local district councillor. […]

Is occupying the answer?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us, but I’ve been paying attention to the Occupy protests that have been going on in Manhattan, London and elsewhere. There are two interesting blog posts on the topic today, one from Paul Mason at the BBC, and the other from Anthony Painter at LabourList. On the […]

Accidentally on purpose

The Daily Telegraph is surprised by Lord Myners‘ suggestion that HSBC should relocate its centre of operations to Paris to avoid the new UK banking regulation system. Myners said:  If I was the director of HSBC, I would simply cease to do business in the UK through HSBC plc which is the old Midland bank, and […]

Events at the House of Cognitive Dissonance

For a kid who learned about politics in the 80s, the building on the corner of Smith Square opposite DEFRA will always be Tory Central Office. Now, however, in a strange twist of political destinies, it is the new London home of the European Commission, and called Europe House. As part of their launch, the […]

It’s a very different election in Scotland

David Cameron didn’t win last night’s final TV debate for Scottish viewers. In fact if Nick Clegg had announced a new compulsory programme of bestiality in primary schools and Gordon Brown had broken down in tears and lay in the corner shaking the consensus of opinion at workplace coffee machines this morning would be “But […]

Does London hold the Key to Number 10?

Image by Cee-Bee via Flickr London holds a whopping 73 constituencies – more than ten percent of the House of Commons. The Evening Standard has claimed that the party that wins London wins a place in 10 Downing Street. The City that turned red under the wave of New Labour in 1997 looked all set to […]