Luxembourg – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Luxembourg has long orientated itself towards foreign trade deals and alliances. With Belgium and the Netherlands, Luxembourg founded Benelux in 1944, which could be seen as a precursor of the EU. Luxembourg eagerly joined the EU from its foundation in 1951, and was an eager member of the Euro as well. Indeed, the […]

The Greens (DG)

The Greens (DG). Luxembourg has one of Europe’s strongest Green parties. The first Greens were elected to the Luxembourg parliament in 1984. The party subsequently split into a left wing and a right wing for the 1989 election, with each winning two seats, before the two once again merged. The Luxembourg Greens generally win between […]

Democratic Party (DP)

Democratic Party (DP). The Democratic Party is Luxembourg’s liberal party, and, in essence, the party of the secular middle classes. The party is traditionally Luxembourg’s third party, and has tended to be excluded from government and to be the largest opposition party for this reason. The DP is, however, the only party to have held […]

Luxembourg Socialist Worker’s Party (LSAP)

Luxembourg Socialist Worker’s Party (LSAP). Traditionally Luxembourg’s second party, the LSAP is a centre-left, social democratic party, which retains a more working class identity than many of its fellow Party of European Socialist members. The LSAP is dominant in the South of Luxembourg, in the so-called Red Lands, traditionally home to the country’s former iron […]

Christian Social People’s Party (CSV)

Christian Social People’s Party (CSV). The CSV has long been Luxembourg’s dominant political force. Essentially a re-launch of the Party of the Right (PD) in 1944, the CSV is the continuation of Luxembourg’s dominant political ideology: Christian democracy. The CSV/PD has been the largest political party in every election since 1919. However the party has […]

Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR)

Alternative Democratic Reform Party (ADR). Founded in 1987, the ADR began its life as a single-issue party with the snappy title ‘Action Committee 5/6ths Pension for Everyone’. The party demanded the equalisation of private sector pensions with public sector ones (who received a generous pension equivalent to 5/6ths of their final salary). The party’s support […]