Lunchtime list for June 7th

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Collaborative Democracy in Second Life – Remember the Second Life hype a while back? The service is still around, and some of its participants are involved in thinking about political decision-making structures within it. Here's a blog post from Gwyneth Llewelyn on […]

First Time Voters: Shaping Election 2.0?

“To tackle the challenges of tomorrow, young people need political capital today” Demos :: An Anatomy of Youth According to the Electoral Commission, 2005 saw a national turnout  at 61%, compared with 37% amongst 18- to- 24 year olds. However, some of the key issues that we used to blame this apathy on, our electoral […]

Bright road ahead for transport?

Despite the vast majority of us using transport of one form or another everyday it has not really been on the radar in the build-up to the election. All three main parties have committed to maintaining some kind of transport infrastructure fund. Labour say they will fund £1bn of this with asset sales, the Tories […]

Family affairs

People who are turned off by politics often argue that the parties are “all the same”. They also complain, slightly paradoxically, that politicians argue too much. Family policy is one of the areas where they are all the same – or at least, where the differences between the parties’ attitudes is fairly small. It hasn’t […]

Immigration, the election and a ‘sensible debate’

Voters rank immigration as the second most important issue, right behind the economy. The Conservatives and Labour are trying to outdo each other in appearing tough on immigration, although the Liberal Democrats also promise support giving the National Border Force powers of arrest . Reuters has a good summary of the positions of the major […]

Are you going to vote on the basis of defence policy?

Heard your local parliamentary candidates talking about defence policy and their parties’ plans for the defence industry recently? You might have done if you live in a constituency with specific military or defence industry links. Dorset South, for example, includes Bovington Army camp and the MP for South Ribble notes that his constituency in Lancashire […]