“Fair to the truth” journalism

Jay Rosen’s blog Pressthink has an analysis of the new National Public Radio ethics guidance that tries to move the station away from “he said, she said” journalism, or in Paul Krugman’s magnificent phrase “Views still differ on shape of planet“. The new guidance says: At all times, we report for our readers and listeners, not […]

Media regulation: Carnegie recommends voluntary regulator

Carnegie UK have published Blair Jenkins’ report on Better Journalism in the Digital Age (report, summary pdfs). The report calls for a voluntary regulation regime, with strong incentives for joining, such as easier press accreditation or possibly labelling schemes. A new code of conduct would be at the heart of the regulatory regime. Jenkins also […]

Stephen Hester as the AntiEuro

My back-of-a-cornflake-packet physics knowledge tells me that matter has a counterpart, called antimatter, and if the two meet, they are annihilated in a burst of energy. It turns out that the Euro and Stephen Hester‘s bonus package have the same relation, except that when they meet, consistency is annihilated in a burst of comment pieces. […]

Media Regulation: Case for a Press Ombudsman

I resume this post on press regulation warily [the first part is here]. After all, no less an authority than the editor of the Daily Mirror informed Lord Leveson’s enquiry that bloggers are cowboys. Perhaps, instead of sharing ideas we considered on the design of a future regulator at the Democratic Society roundtable before Christmas, […]

Media regulation. December roundtable. Personal view

In December I had the pleasure of chairing a Democratic Society debate on media regulation. Contributors were Kevin Anderson, Kathryn Corrick, Douglas White, and Anthony Zacharzewski. This is part of a series of events, including future discussions, blogs and online debates, supported by the Carnegie Trust. Over the next couple of months, contributors will consider as […]

Media regulation project: first meeting

Happy New Year to everyone. Just before the Christmas break, we kicked off our media regulation project with a discussion session in London. Kathryn Corrick, Kevin Anderson, Douglas White from Carnegie UK, and Anthony from Demsoc took part, and the session was chaired by Paul Connolly from PAVKO. Dave Boyle and David Allen Green weren’t able […]

Media regulation and democracy project

It may be almost Christmas but we’re still hard at work, and this week we’re kicking off a new project on media regulation and democracy, leading to an event in late February/early March. We’re working with the Carnegie UK Trust, and asking the question: what sort of media regulation is needed to support future democracy? […]

Uncharted waters

I tweeted about this Robert Gates speech (as reported in the LA Times) earlier in the week, but it’s still worth a read. Gates (who was defence secretary under Bush then kept on by Obama) worries about the state of the US political system in ways that sound quite familiar to Brits. Indiviudally, paragraphs like that below […]