When is £14,000 more than £50m? When one’s in a press release and one isn’t

High-impact campaigning organisation the Taxpayers’ Alliance are in a right old tizz about EU flags. Yes, those bits of cloth with the blue and gold are an outrageous affront to the British taxpayer, costing £14,003 over five years – an outrageous £2,800.60 per year.

In case you are wondering, £2,800.60 per year is 0.00002% of the UK’s annual budget deficit.

But of course it’s the thought that counts, and in this case the thought is the usual mystical mishmash of Churchill complex, free market dogma and nationalism that could be called “Euroscepticism”, if sceptic weren’t a word that implied rationality and logic.

If the Taxpayers’ Alliance were really serious about European-level financial waste, they might look into the question of how much it costs the British Government to appease the Daily Mail by staying out of the Schengen agreement and maintaining our internal border with other EU countries.

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